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女士们、先生们夏天终于离开我们。一个ll the beautiful colours, the short sleeves and the mini skirts. There was one last hurrah last weekend when the sun came out but today, the rain has pulled me right back in to reality: enter the臭名昭着的英国天气。Oh yes, it really is horrible. Its also strange how the seasons here seem to change very sharply, and always on a Monday. Oh well, time to get my woolly clothes out and look like a Michelin man. Puff!


  • 第一部分我的Quickie葡萄酒指南周一发布,它通过让您在大多数葡萄酒中使用的主要葡萄品种倒闭来开始。
  • Most people would have heard about Baozi inn, lots of reviews flying about it, so instead of giving you a full blown review, I wrote about thethree essential dishes当你去那里时,你需要订购。
  • 好的,我喜欢寿司,我认为每个人都知道现在。上周末,我在高街肯辛顿的全方公司检查了Genji Express,因此在Uniagi市场组合上了一篇照片。比你握住棍子的更多unagi。进来一个躯干23个,但男孩,它整天持续了我。很多照片,一探究竟
  • 几个公告,我是一个FoodBuzz上的功能出版商!!我是一个contributing editor on metrotwin。两个网站摇滚,foodbuzzis by foodies, for foodies, whilemetrotwin这是一个超酷的超级新鲜网站,“双胞胎”是世界上最亮的灯光,纽约和伦敦。大苹果和大烟。纬!我很高兴与两个网站相关联,很多令人兴奋的内容承诺!
  • Finally, a last hurrah to spaghetti and fried eggs ice creamin’ in the city at莱斯特广场Ciao。I’m going to miss you summer (all 3 days of you this year) . See you in nine months.

I bought a new ‘blogging’ chair fromargos.。得到了50个quid。它漂亮的舒适和奶油色配合墙壁的颜色。我已经是一个纽扣梅斯赫,现在我是一个纽扣梅斯赫24/7。该死。

伦敦happenings around the Smoke

  • 东部部门2008年,Rotherham

上周,我在谈论杰米奥利弗的新表演电视机,我设法赶上了这个节目,它很酷。他基本上去了Rotherham那assumed everyone in the town ate kebabs for breakkie/lunch/dinner and proceeded to在城镇中间开店为健康食品,教人们如何行动to cook healthy. Its not difficult to see how this act can divide opinion, but in my view, it’s a good thing you know. Unless you’re a keen foodie (like we are), you’re really not that bothered about what you eat. But if you have a media circus like Jamie Oliver rolling into your town and telling you about it, its like ajolt to the system。现在,杰米,你什么时候在格洛斯特路上出现为我做饭

  • 加里罗得岛仰卧起坐

The credit crunch has hit the average joe. It’s pretty scary, I mean 700 billion bucks, thats 2 grand per american, staggering. If Gordie Brown took 1000 quid from my bank account I’d be like damn, Gordon you twat! Its nice to hear of chefs like Gary Rhodes adjusting to changing wallet sizes. In addition to fleeting footwork like a feisty spatchcock on strictly come dancing, he also gave an interview on the sunday times and he talked about introducing set menus which are more ‘competitive’ in price at his Michelin starred restaurants. That’s pretty cool, maybe its time I pay a visit to a Rhodes’ run restaurant. For those of you oblivious to his talents, Rhodes is a superb chef. Methodical and emphasis on cooking to perfection. I’m a fan. He also mentioned that he only rakes in six figures per year. Wow. I was expecting him to earn millions every year, what with his street cred, his books, tv work… times are indeed very hard.

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  • Bentoism

Bentos are Japanese lunch boxes. I used to have one… then I lost it. I also used to have an ex who made these stunning gourmet sandwiches, with sausages, brie, spinach, sun dried tomatoes and then toasted. Yum, yum yum. I lost her too.

如果你们从未去过了生物教,请去看看,这篇文章是关于一个食谱Gyudon Beef Rice Burger。容易成为我最喜欢的博客之一。

  • Eat Show Tell

My good friends from down under写了一篇关于在塞拉吃饭的伟大综述......哦,羊羔和玉米粥的超级口水看起来要死。上次我在那里,我真的很喜欢它,特别是鱼,是如此新鲜,你可以拥有澳大利亚·瓦雅,价格合理。粮食天堂就我而言。

  • Shooting food in RAW

I’m still such an amateur when it comes to my camera. Though I’m still learning, like everyday. The best book ever for dSLR beginners is the数码摄影书由斯科特凯斯比。初学者最好的博客是Digital photography school,也很棒digital slr guide。Though this week I started shooting in RAW mode, because, well, its just difficult to deal with white balance issues while I’m shooting in poorly lit restaurants. So I came across这篇文章在这里关于清理原料照片的基础知识。我想知道我会怎么做我想知道的博客。

  • Traditional Japanese flavours

I discovered this blog last week. It’s maintained byCarol Yamaguchiwho is a food and travel writer. It’s good, all about日本料理。Super yums.

  • Berry Bros & Rudd – the BLOG

They are the coolest wine shop in London, except for maybe the Sampler. But next to the Sampler, this is by far my favourite wine shop. It’s like shopping for wine in a museum. I’m in the midst of finishing up the write-up for it, so expect it sometime next week. They maintain a very informative blog.In this post here,they deliver the latest news from the burgundian front. Ok, I’m a huge burgundy fan (as you know). And 2005 was a great year, one of the best, if not the best year! Great news. I need to get myself some excellent examples to put away soon.

  • K.FC noodles at tamarind trees

Maintained by Tom Aarons who lived in Cambodia for a good few years, he writes about his culinary experiments infused with Cambodian inspirations.这篇文章真的引起了我的眼睛那He cooked up a bowl of noodles, and topped it with KFC chicken. Ohh… noodles.

  • Timeless Gourmet….. and the New England Lobster roll

This is why I love foodblogs so much. Timeless gourmetfeaturing a full post,完成龙虾卷的创作过程的许多图片。口水..口水..口水..

  • 脾气暴躁的烤肉丸子

Okhere is another postabout another great toasted roll. This one is the meatball sub. Drool..drool..drool…

Coming next week..

加热并有更多的丰盛的菜肴。像往常一样,有很多有趣的东西即将到来下周那apologies about my wine review delays as well as my review onL’autre Pied那I’m working on it and promise it’s coming soon. Come back ontuesday对于第2部分在我的Quickie葡萄酒指南上,我有一些惊喜用餐完全黑暗,我也参观了自治市市场andBarrafina.Look for the reviews here, soon.

That’s it for this edition of饮食和阅读那hope you enjoyed it, have a great end to the week and see you back here again in seven!


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